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Your Video is Rejected - Why?

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    Your Video is Rejected - Why?

    In the previous entry, you have already known the detailed procedure to submit your own video on EzineMark.com. You strictly follow our instructions but your video has not been approved on EzineMark yet? This entry will reveal reasons for its rejection. 

    Like article, there are some crucial requirements for submitting video. These requirements are applied for two main parts of video content: text and image. Check the things below and try to remove them from your video content.

    For text only: Text in a video involves title, description, tags and transcription on the screen. It aids the images efficiently and describes best what the video is about. Our editors will not accept videos which contain text written in:

    - non-English languages

    - spam format: unsolicited bulk messages, multiple links inserted

    - or meaningless sentences: repeating words/ phrases or paragraphs, strange symbols, continual site addresses

    For image only: Image in a video is the one shown on the player or the picture inserted in the description 

    - Duplicated content: existed URL on EzineMark video.

    - Not informative content: real-time volume below 10 seconds, testing camera clips.

    - Low quality: unseeable, reversed, fragmented, and etc.

    For both text & image:

    - Irrelevancy: contents in the title, description and images do not fit with each other.

    - Pornography: adult materials made for the purposes of sexual arousal and erotic satisfaction.

    - Copyright violation: for videos which is not owned by you and changed without permission from the original owner. 

    - Violence: terrorism, fighting, weapon related content 

    - Alcohol, tobacco and drugs

    - Profanity: insulting, rude, vulgar, desecrating, or other forms.

    - Unidentifiable URL: original video source removed by the hosting site.

    Whenever submitting video, you should check the video title to make sure that it has not been available on EzineMark yet. The system will inform you in case the URL has existed. 

    For those which have bad format, wrong grammar, no description or too short description (less than one sentence), our editors will make some adjustments without changing the whole meaning to optimise your video content. If you wish to place links into your video, place only one in the description section. 

    Depending on the information of the video our editors will have final decision on its approval or rejection. If you are not sure about the video content, contact us to get more detailed guidance. 

    EzineMark.com Team

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    Your Video is Rejected - Why?

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Your Video is Rejected - Why?

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  • Ghayoor Shaikh- 2012/05/16 00:48:05 am

    It is right that videos uploading have some conditions which need to be complete. No plagiarism of content and over description which shows that you are doing spy and one thing more which is image it must be treated exactly:)

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  • r j- 2012/04/06 16:33:37 pm

    Cool. Definitely stricter than Youtube which can be a good thing.

  • Dave- 2012/03/10 01:00:47 am

    I really love this blog, it's so informative!

  • paydaylenderinc123- 2012/01/31 14:15:49 pm

    I'm finally decide about video depending on the information of the video our editors will have final decision on its approval or rejection.

  • raspms- 2012/01/20 17:22:51 pm

    requirment allowed for two main part that is context and images.

  • Faraz Ahmed- 2012/01/13 15:51:09 pm

    I had an unknown error while submitting video when i upload video the circle keeps run but it doesn't upload

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    A Good article!Thank you so much for taking the time to discuss this.I am very happy to read your article.Good work.

  • - 2011/10/12 01:11:00 am

    Thanks for clarifying these important points, because sometimes we are not aware of the videos because they are rejected, I guess in other platforms are also rejected Pors same reasons.

  • Muhammad Mursaleen- 2011/10/03 18:43:35 pm

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