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  • About 2012/11/18 18:54:18 pm | 301825 views | 126

    Ezinemark Editorial Guidelines

    You are going to submit articles to EzineMark.com, but don’t know how to get started. The following editorial guidelines will help you understand what we do and do not accept for inclusion in our article database as well as make your articles clear and attractive to readers. Before you submit your articles to our site, we highly appreciate that you please spend little time reading this page first.

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  • About 2012/05/26 10:26:57 am | 30299 views | 57

    EzineMark Takes Action Against Spam

    Some of you may have noticed recently that your articles have been rejected more in the last few weeks. We also had to ban some users to cut off spam at the source. EzineMark has a zero-tolerance spam policy and fighting spam is a top priority as we continue to grow.

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  • About 2011/08/18 16:20:02 pm | 16065 views | 40

    Your Video is Rejected - Why?

    In the previous entry, you have already known the detailed procedure to submit your own video on EzineMark.com. You strictly follow our instructions but your video has not been approved on EzineMark yet? This entry will reveal reasons for its rejection. Like article, there are some crucial requirements for submitting video. 

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  • About 2011/06/08 11:30:01 am | 68959 views | 138

    First Steps on Being an Expert Article Writer

    Expert author is an honorable award on Ezinemark.com. There are many different ways to approach this status. We have already introduced you the very first way by creating a professional profile. At this time, we would like to show you another one to become an expert article writer. To begin with, take a glance at what you should and should not do in writing. 


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  • About 2011/06/08 11:25:02 am | 23349 views | 41

    Article Relevancy in Title - Content - Links

    The relevancy in an article describes how pertinent, connected, or applicable ideas are to a given topic. A relevant article serves as a means to attract more readers and to reinforce author’s opinion. Therefore, it is considered as a sign of author’s writing skill and it also shows how far the author understands the audience. 


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  • About 2011/05/27 13:25:02 pm | 10765 views | 27

    Right Article Title - How to Get It?

    A right title is essential to capturing your targeted audience because it is usually the first thing people notice while surfing the Internet. Checking on the title is also the first thing our editors do before approving an article. If your article title is not related to the content or contains a lot of mistakes, those who may be interested in your article will not read it. So, how to get the title right? Here are most fundamental rules you need to know before starting your writing. 


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  • About 2011/04/28 10:05:01 am | 9678 views | 30

    How to Write a Featured Article

    While reading on EzineMark.com you may find a column named Featured Articles which contributes truly high quality articles and even amazing stories. You must be wondering which criteria our editorial team based on to select these articles and how you can revise your article so that it can be chosen for this section. Thus, here are the most basic strategies that our expert authors would like to share with you. Check the following items to know whether or not you have got them in your articles.


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  • About 2011/04/27 14:05:01 pm | 22767 views | 21

    Benefits of Being an Expert Author

    Every author knows the tremendous influence of articles. The more experience you gain as an article writer, the more "expert" you becomes. If you are now one of our expert authors and find more benefits from this status, share it with us and other writers by leaving comments below.


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  • About 2011/04/05 13:45:01 pm | 158418 views | 39

    Most Common Reasons for Article Rejection

    Your article is submitted for the first time or several times but it is not approved on Ezinemark.com. Why? There must be some reasons behind each rejection. Check the list below to grasp the most common reasons for article rejection that you may commit. The order of reasons is put in descending frequency.


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  • About 2010/12/19 21:20:02 pm | 8777 views | 11

    Right Category: Shortest Way to Potential Readers

    Most of people take advantage of using the category to find unspecific articles. It is possible that they will find your articles by chance or miss them if your articles are located in the wrong category or nowhere else. Thus, it is really important for you to choose the right category for your articles when submitting them as the relevant category helps readers find your articles when visiting EzineMark and searching for articles.

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