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Tips for Article Writing

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    Tips for Article Writing

    There are numerous effective methods of getting completely free marketing for yourself and your own business. Writing your own articles and submitting them to electronic magazines is a key to success as article writing reaches out to maximum number of targeted audience.

    However, writing is not just a collection of words by adding meaning and benefit in your article. There are many things you should take into consideration when writing articles. The following tips with some sorts of basic formula set in place may help you become a successful writer.

    1. A creative headline makes all the difference

    A good headline catches great attention of readers. You may not achieve success if the heading is unimaginative as it does not grab readers’ attention. Therefore, the title of your article plays an important role in grabbing readers’ attention. However, one thing you should remember that what you promised in the headline should be delivered in the article.

    2. State main ideas clearly in the first paragraph

    The first paragraph should contain what the article will be about in a few sentences. This helps readers have overall ideas of what your article is about. Additionally, writing the first paragraph helps set the direction for the whole article.

    3. Make lasting impression

    If the headline grabs attention, the ending of your article is to leave a lasting impression. Successful writers always keep their focus at the end of article and summarize what they set out to accomplish in their opening paragraph.

    4. Use simple words

    Complicated words will confuse the readers. Thus, instead of using jargons or nonessential words, use simple words and write in a simple style. In case of introducing new terms, define them for your readers.


    5. Too much detail is not always good

    It can not be denied that detail helps provide comprehensive information. However, too much detail can bore readers and make your paragraphs out of flow. It is advisable to use formatting, images, and relevant quotes and highlight the key points. You should provide basic and useful information and resources which your readers can utilize along with the information you give them.

    6. Write from the heart

    Writing exaggerated claims in your article is like holing a knife by the blade. It may hurt your reputation and credibility as well as have a negative influence on the reputation of the publishing site. Thus, checking validity of what you have written prior to submission is essential. However, you can let your personality shine through in your writing.

    7. Check the grammar and spellings

    Your article may come to nowhere if your grammar and spellings are poor. This may annoy readers and leave bad impression on them. Therefore, it is advisable to edit your grammar and spellings before submitting your article. Editing also helps improve your writing.

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    Tips for Article Writing

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Tips for Article Writing

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  • Monica- 2011/05/10 03:43:47 am

    Hmmm... That's interesting.

  • Dr Joe- 2011/03/11 05:10:30 am

    The article marketing tips are awesome and pragmatic if implemented in the right way . Thank you!

  • bilal@domain+name+registration- 2011/03/08 19:03:26 pm

    Thanks for shairng these tips the newbies will surely grab all your suggestions.

  • sophie smith- 2011/02/23 13:05:09 pm

    Hi I really enjoy to read your blog and also get useful tips. I just visit the site and feel that I select a good place for blogs.

  • JAMES Marshall- 2011/02/22 13:42:37 pm

    NIce and very informative tips. These are useful tips for article writers. I started writing articles few months ago. This tips will be very useful for me also. I wish to book mark this.

  • Garages Adelaide- 2011/02/21 21:32:33 pm

    Hi! I really enjoyed reading your blog especially this article. It really gave me an idea on how to write articles in the right way. Congratulations and more power. Adam @ Garages Adelaide.

  • Herbert Marzon- 2011/02/16 12:18:13 pm

    i like this one.

  • fm 200- 2011/02/08 12:37:55 pm

    This is really nice tips.It will helps the people who are interested in i article writing and marketing their products.Article writing is one of the cheapest way of the marketing.

  • web marketing- 2011/01/04 15:15:07 pm

    Very effective tips of article writing...i must follow these writing tips to make a successful web marketing company.thanks for sharing these tips :)



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