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  • About 2011/03/16 13:00:02 pm | 23385 views | 8

    How To Make A Professional Profile On Ezinemark.com

    It seems to be unnoticeable but editing your profile or even just having a little bit of change can greatly increase your viewership. A detailed profile represents who you are, what you do, and how people contact you. It helps draw more attention from the viewers with some easy steps of images, writing and information. It is advisable to log in, move to Edit Profile & About Me item and follow these tips for a fabulously attractive online profile through EzineMark.

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  • About 2011/02/18 19:20:02 pm | 11501 views | 19

    Manage Multiple Author Names Feature on EzineMark.com

    We understand that each author might want to use different author name and bio for different articles. With the aim of helping users easier and more flexible in publishing articles on EzineMark.com, we provide you the feature of creating different author names/pen names under the same account. This feature allows author to manage their author profile all in one place and select which one to be default profile. When the author clicks to publish the article, they will see a drop down list of all author names they have with default name being selected. By selecting the certain author name, the author bio will change accordingly.

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  • About 2010/12/15 22:48:03 pm | 5451 views | 8

    Profile picture: Why we need to use a real avatar?

    Are you EzineMark member? If yes, we highly recommend you add a real avatar which appears on the author’s profile page and in your author box at the bottom of each article. Now we would like to tell you why EzineMark members should use a real avatar.

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