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  • About 2012/11/21 00:56:13 am | 19919 views | 160

    Using Google Authorship to build trust with your readers

    Do you want to display your Google+ profile picture next to the links of your EzineMark articles in search results? It can be done in 3 simple steps.


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  • About 2012/09/06 00:39:57 am | 7341466 views | 179

    Unexpected technical problems prevent some users from logging in to EzineMark

    On Monday (September 3), EzineMark had some technical difficulties, making it impossible for some users to log in to their accounts and submit articles.

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  • About 2011/08/18 15:45:02 pm | 31580 views | 66

    How to Submit Video to EzineMark

    Submit Video on EzineMark You are looking for the fastest way to enrich the content of your articles and increase your page views? Thus, Submit Video might be your best choice. It works as a multimedia tool which aid users in exposing the traffic through a few simple steps. Let’s see how this tool works and what benefits it can bring to authors. How to submit a video on EzineMark?

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  • About 2011/03/24 14:50:02 pm | 7868 views | 8

    6 Features for Building a Massive Online Community (Part 1)

    Every author not only wants to write but to read, learn and discuss as well. The viewership ratings and the number of fans are good signals of an expert author. Using these automatic tools enables authors to build up their online relationships, expand their knowledge and strengthen their social status.

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  • About 2011/03/24 14:50:02 pm | 53845 views | 10

    6 Features for Building a Massive Online Community (Part 2)

    We have introduced in previous part 3 of 6 features on Ezinemark to expand your social network. This time you will take the rest ones and come closer to other authors. 

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  • About 2011/03/24 14:30:02 pm | 7155 views | 5

    Procedure to Report Improper Content

    Ezinemark is a professional article directory where thousands of articles are updated everyday. Thus, the article review process is always under careful consideration. Our editorial team holds regular training courses to improve the way of assessing submitted articles and the levels of action to each situation. Despite our efforts in bringing readers interesting articles, problems related to offensive, incorrect and prohibited content are unavoidable. We, therefore, integrated Article Report into every article. Report button is put under Author Box and appears in blur.


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  • About 2011/03/24 14:15:01 pm | 11486 views | 8

    How To Republish an Article

    You are reading an article and find it really useful and interesting. Would you like to use that article to post on personal sites and wonder if it is accepted? On Ezinemark.com, it’s 100% free to republish any article, however, there are some requirements you must follow.


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  • About 2011/03/24 14:10:02 pm | 6233 views | 3

    Avatar Now Can Be Cropped

    A profile picture (also called Avatar) shows a glimpse of personality, taste, and maybe interest or hobbies. In the previous blog article, we referred to editing your profile and gave you tips for choosing an appropriate avatar. Today we would like to show you several ways to perfect your avatar by Avatar Crop on EzineMark. It allows you to choose from which image area to create an avatar. If you have never cropped any image before, you will find it easy to follow. Most importantly, it takes less than a minute to get your picture edited. 

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  • About 2011/03/23 12:00:01 pm | 301538 views | 11

    Article Statistics Feature on EzineMark.com

    With the hope of giving EzineMark users a closer analysis of their own published articles on EzineMark.com, we have just launched a new feature called: ARTICLE STATISTICS, which is a powerful tool and accessible to every EzineMark user.

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  • About 2011/03/23 11:10:02 am | 10328 views | 9

    Check Title Feature on EzineMark.com

    As a professional article directory, EzineMark Team receives a high volume of article submissions and requests expecting us to introduce new features. We sincerely appreciate when a lot of readers involve in author community on EzineMark.com. Among a wide range of emails, many authors discuss topics about the article ownership which we always take very seriously. Understanding that concern, EzineMark Team has built an effective feature: Check Title which surely brings EzineMark authors different benefits.


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