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Right Category: Shortest Way to Potential Readers

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    Right Category: Shortest Way to Potential Readers

    Most of people take advantage of using the category to find unspecific articles. It is possible that they will find your articles by chance or miss them if your articles are located in the wrong category or nowhere else. Thus, it is really important for you to choose the right category for your articles when submitting them as the relevant category helps readers find your articles when visiting EzineMark and searching for articles.

    To choose the right category of Ezinemark for your articles, it is advisable to follow the following suggestions.

    Think of your potential readers and interesting subjects

    Bear in mind of your targeted readers and what interests them most before writing articles. The main ideas of what you write will decide where to put your articles.

    Drill down the deepest possible sub-categories

    As you can see, on EzineMark we endeavor to offer a wide variety of categories and sub-categories on numerous subjects. Our site is home to ten main categories including business, education, lifestyle, vehicle, jobs, entertainment, technology, health, society, and travel. Each main category consists of at least two categories which also include several sub-categories.

    For example, main category Entertainment consist of four categories namely Art & Entertainment, Recreation & Sports, Hobbies, and Shopping. In Arts & Entertainment, there are Celebrities, Humanities, Humor, Movies, Music, Photography, TV, and others.
    Thus, you should drill down the deepest possible sections and sub-categories which make sense.

    Be specific

    You should choose specific category for your article as much as possible. If you write an article about movie, first choose Entertainment, then Arts and Entertainment, and choose Movies. Don’t put it in Recreation & Sports category.

    For instance, many writers are lazy to find sub-category of Business section for their articles on the world’s real estate. They choose Business as the default category.

    Learn from others’ mistakes

    Many people frequently make common mistakes of choosing the wrong categories. For example, many choose Online Promotion for their writing on article marketing.

    Surprisingly, many choose Recreation and Sports for their articles on top romantic beaches. In fact, they should be put in Travel & Leisure category.

    Check and change category

    If you want to change you submitted articles to a more relevant category, log in your account, go to My Profile > Edit My Article, then click on your published article and choose the most relevant section and category > Re-submit Article. We will check and approve your submission within 48 hours in the event there are no unexpected happenings.

    Send your suggestions or comments

    In case you think our sub-categories are not put in the sound main category or one more specific category is missing, please send us your feedback or request for a new category.

    In brief, always bear in mind that choosing the relevant category will help improve more chances to expose your articles to your potential readers. It is recommended to spend some time to browse our site’s categories in order to reach more targeted audience.

    EzineMark.com Team

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    Right Category: Shortest Way to Potential Readers

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Right Category: Shortest Way to Potential Readers

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  • mukesharticle2- 2012/08/08 01:53:47 am

    These type of process are followed also by me. all article are submitted in format also no more options are forget here..

  • Joseph Mark Mark- 2011/02/10 12:39:03 pm

    It is very correct statement without right category we never find things properly.

  • web marketing- 2011/01/04 15:11:02 pm

    Great post. The main objective to write article is to choose the right category in the directory list to submit article. Your article must be unique and fresh with well optimized keywords and anchor text, so that you can get more target audience to your site. Your suggestion to write article in EzineMark is very effective, i must follow these tips.



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