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Right Article Title - How to Get It?

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    Right Article Title - How to Get It?

    A right title is essential to capturing your targeted audience because it is usually the first thing people notice while surfing the Internet. Checking on the title is also the first thing our editors do before approving an article. If your article title is not related to the content or contains a lot of mistakes, those who may be interested in your article will not read it. So, how to get the title right? Here are most fundamental rules you need to know before starting your writing. 

    Rule #1: Relevancy - No one wants to get frustrated after reading your article and giving complaints such as “He cries wine and sells vinegar”. If you intend to write about weight loss foods, your article must be titled based on keywords: foods or weight loss, and you need to have at least names of those foods in the article body. Articles that depart from the subject stated in the title won’t be accepted. In this article, the author absolutely attracted his audience by a clear title and a good introduction. Though he did not have much ideas in the body, his article is still informative with professional images and captions.

    Rule #2: Length - Is your article title long enough? It is not too hard to answer. Long article titles, as usual, attracts more views than the short ones. This is because the longer your title is, the narrower the focus and the more specialized the author is. For EzineMark.com, your article title can be up to 120 characters  

    long. However, you should keep it a little longer in 10 words so that your readers might find it easier to remember what your article is about.

    Rule #3: Title tools - How can you know what articles on EzineMark are similar to your topic? Use “Check Title” tool to optimize the appearance of your article and avoid article infringements like copyright or duplicated content. This tool also works as the shortest way to manage the article you may uploaded before. If you are not sure about the frequency of the topic you are writing, just use Google Keywords Tool or other keyword search tools (Wordtracker.com; keyword discovery; Google insight...) to have more offers of keyword-rich title from your niche.

    Rule #4: Grammar - If you look at the title of this article, you will see that some letters are capitalized and some are not. There are some general capitalization rules you may apply for your article title. Here are parts of speech capitalized and not capitalized in article titles. 

    Do capitalize:

    - Nouns (man, bus, book)

    - Adjectives (angry, lovely, small)

    - Verbs (run, eat, sleep)

    - Adverbs (slowly, quickly, quietly)

    - Pronouns (he, she, it)

    - Subordinating conjunctions (as, because, that)

    Do not capitalize:

    - Articles: a, an, the

    - Coordinating conjunctions: and, but, or, for, nor, etc.

    - Prepositions (fewer than five letters): on, at, to, from, by, etc.

    The rules for capitalizing titles can vary according to a particular style guide, such as Associated Press Stylebook (AP), Chicago Manual of Style, and MLA style. Read here to get more details about Capitalization. Certainly, your article title must follow the English grammar rules first. 

    Rule #5: Format - Some authors pay too much attention on the title and they would like to make great impressions by special characters or highlight features. We, however, do allow neither special characters nor HTML code in your article title. Any efforts to use these functions are prevented in the editorial process in order to earn best search results to your article URL. 

    In many respects authors need titles indeed since they serve different visible and invisible powers for not only the authors but also for their readers. Right title helps readers skim and scan the article for key information. Our last advice for you in this blog post is that take a few minutes to review your title. Applying these above rules will help you catch things that may have been skipped before.

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    Right Article Title - How to Get It?

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Right Article Title - How to Get It?

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  • Clara- 2018/10/11 00:18:48 am

    Very informative blog post.

  • Ernee swet- 2013/08/11 15:42:45 pm

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  • Neetin Patidar- 2013/08/05 16:42:04 pm

    I started to dive in to this topic close to 2003, and got traumatic experiences back then, totally wasting a lot of time for nothing. I stopped when I did not fully grasp much about it making myself buried within other things. Now I am back. Your blog post is a great inspiration to me and I will let my big brother know about this. Get more info through clipping path.

  • nitin patidar- 2013/07/26 15:50:14 pm

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  • trytr- 2012/10/04 01:02:50 am

    gud post sir,very good article.thanks a lot

  • renkaita- 2012/06/30 16:12:04 pm

    Very informative blog post.

  • toponsjames- 2012/01/09 08:30:57 am

    The title is very important, the browser will pay more attention to the title when they are search the information they want. If the title haven't contain the content they want, they won't click and read your article or blog.

  • Football Boots- 2011/09/09 17:13:34 pm

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  • Masha Zosimova- 2011/06/14 19:43:56 pm

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  • Masha Zosimova- 2011/06/14 19:43:12 pm

    Thank you twice!

  • Masha Zosimova- 2011/06/14 19:41:53 pm

    Great article! Veru useful for starting writers.



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