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Most Common Reasons for Article Rejection

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    Most Common Reasons for Article Rejection

    Your article is submitted for the first time or several times but it is not approved on Ezinemark.com. Why? There must be some reasons behind each rejection. Check the list below to grasp the most common reasons for article rejection that you may commit. The order of reasons is put in descending frequency.

    1. Copyright infringement: Copyright is always the biggest issue of any article directory. We have also referred to this matter many times and, as usual, any circumstance related to copyright violation is not absolutely approved. It not only includes plagiarism but other terms and situations. Read here for further information about copyright law.

    2. Spamming: You must be wondering how we can identify article submission spam. Here are fundamentals of spamming articles. 

    • Sent with unsolicited bulk messages indiscriminately
    • Located at different sections or categories
    • Mass submission
    • Nonsense sentences
    • Multiple links inserted
    • Advertising content in both article content section and author bio section

    This is a kind of spamming

    3. Not informative or too short: Do you know the ideal length for a good article? 100, 300, 500 or 1000 words in the body? The minimum length, as we foretold, must be at 300 words and the maximum length is 5,000. Besides, some authors also write nonsense sentences in order to trap their readers by clicking to suspected websites. Let's take a glance at this submitted article to find how stuff it is.

    “[...] Hop Zone --- Return of the King, rise Yunmeng June 10, God of God of 5-4 and 4-2 4-2 into telecommunications, a new pattern of towering show ... ... BrightShadow Bot list, as it will be closed in a lot of numbers, all members decided to break this bad luck of the union name, so, there is a current return of the king. Joint zone, the combined addition of a strong union, the return of the king has entered a golden age ... [...]“ ( Title: I havemy12 days,mymemoriesofmy way2; Section: Society; Categories: Relationship; Submitted date: 01-04-2011)

    No one understands what the author means here. Certainly, this kind of writing is not article and it will never be approved on EzineMark.com.

    4. Wrong submitting steps: Though it takes several steps on adding a new article such as title, category, tags list, author bio, authors will spend no more than 5 minutes to fill in these sections. The advice here is “more haste, more waste”. For saving a bit of time, many authors fill the wrong way and they have to wait longer than they expect for article aprroval. Here are common mistakes authors often experience:   

    • Title is too long. It may be a sentence or a long phrase.

    Title must not be too long or a sentence

    • Any section contains HTML tags such as Types of Materials Used In Designing Garage Doors
    • Author bio is not about the author or the organization. It often contains a copy a part or the whole body text. 

    Author Bio here is a copy of the Article Content

    • Some section is not filled yet.

    For these wrong steps, we strongly advise you to review your article carefully before submitting.  

    5. Inappropriate categories: Though we remind authors many times of choosing the right section and category, they still get the wrong way. An article about car loans should be put in Finance section, not Business or Vehicle one. As usual, while reviewing, we choose the right category for your article if you have done it wrongly. However, you should do it right before submitting, which can help you save your time of waiting for article review.

    6. Duplicated content: Expert authors on Ezinemark.com possess many high quality articles. They write about every issue of various fields but sometimes they cannot manage their article submissions. Every day our editorial team has to reject a large number of duplicated articles. This means an author submitted an article and it was on EzineMark already; however, that author does not remember whether or not he submitted it and sent it to us again. Due to this reason, we highly recommend you to use the Check Title tool to make sure that the article you are going to submit has not posted on Ezinemark.com before. It is advisable for you to create an excel table to follow your articles submissions.

    7. Similar content: Since topics in each domain are limited, authors can hardly find new subjects to write about. Discovering a new topic is an impossible thing to do in the information age and we do not require you to do it, either. However, every topic has its own different ways to approach and exploit. Readers, for example, know about healthy foods for dieters but they are not sure whether or not these foods are good for all ages. Also, not all of foods are available in all seasons. Thus, what is the conclusion here? The duty of every author is to think as the readers think. By this way, it does not take the trouble to find innovative topics and authors can avoid the saturation in their own niche. If your article is similar with another one on Ezinemark at more than 70%, try with another topic.  

    8. Written in non-English languages: This sounds funny but it is true. Our editorial team has rejected a lot of articles just by reason of non-English languages. Once again, Ezinemark.com is an English article directory. Show your vast knowledge in English to the biggest language community.

    9. Bad format:

    Bad format

    Bad format mistakes often occur when authors copy the text from Microsoft Word or Excel. This leads to differences between original text font and copied one. To avoid this error, use the feature “paste as plain text” or “paste from Word” in Add New Article. If your article is about statistics, explain them in statements in stead of tables.


    Use the PASTE button to synchronize the text font

    10. Others: Besides these above mistakes, authors have experienced little such as broken links or images; profanity; pornography; alcohol, casino or weapon related content; bad English usages.
    A rejection doesn't mean the content cannot be published; it means the article needs some change inside or outside. We always give you a chance to expand your readership. Do not fret over it. Keep writing and submitting. 


    EzineMark.com Team


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    Most Common Reasons for Article Rejection

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Most Common Reasons for Article Rejection

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  • CA Mark- 2013/06/27 16:54:36 pm

    Nice information. Thanks for help.

  • Michel Kein- 2013/06/08 17:30:44 pm

    Hey, Can you specify that what is the main reason for rejection of my article? I am confused because you don't mention proper reason.

  • Kimberly Jones- 2013/05/08 16:34:03 pm

    This is bulshit information. They dont specify the main reason this is fucking wrong.

  • Tony Clark- 2013/04/16 14:15:37 pm

    I have submitted the articles. But most of the time they are rejected even the articles are well written Or I have following all your submission parameters. Please do let me the specific reason why my articles are rejected??

  • anthonymax Max- 2013/01/15 19:29:26 pm

    Nice Information

  • Nick Terracciano- 2012/11/12 18:38:39 pm

    Hi I have tried submitting around 7 articles all rejected, no email with any reason. I looked through your policies but still am unsure of the reasons why. I have no problem dealing with rejection as it's the way of the world, and I am not Hemingway, but some feedback would be appreciated.

  • Patmey- 2012/10/23 18:12:24 pm

    ive submitted my articles most of the time they are rejected i wish ud inform me the reason for the rejection so as i work on that specifically

  • navneet singh- 2012/09/10 13:23:38 pm

    many times i have submit my articles but they always rejected can you help me?

  • navneet singh- 2012/09/10 13:20:52 pm

    please tell me your condition for submitting the articles

  • - 2012/05/07 14:01:45 pm

    OH! Great post..I was so impressed I've found this kind of blog..Thanks. Pens

  • Jenny Linfords- 2012/03/19 14:09:57 pm

    I re-edited my articles as per guidelines though my article dose not get approved, which are full of rich information that is helpful to the readers. Can any one help me out with this problem.

  • movingtomelbourne- 2012/02/21 18:41:30 pm

    What a nice blog.Thanku.

  • lanyuhua2011- 2012/02/10 14:41:42 pm

    yes,i see.

  • raspms- 2012/01/23 13:38:00 pm

    There must be some reasons behind each rejection. Check the list below to grasp the most common reasons for article rejection that you may commit.

  • andrea- 2011/12/28 14:33:49 pm

    I will kept in mind these tips while posting articles. Thanks

  • - 2011/11/02 13:52:51 pm

    Thank you for your advices^_^I have a article been rejected ,now I know how to do with my articles.Really thank for your help.Thank you.

  • Adam Summers- 2011/08/19 13:16:24 pm

    I read through all of this, submitted my first article and it got approved! Great work team!

  • EP Keenan- 2011/08/18 05:09:40 am

    Anyone any idea how to delete a duplicate article? Somehow managed to post article twice (had two windows open). It annoys me, never mind anyone else! Thanks EP

  • dealingway- 2011/07/22 13:21:01 pm

    Thank you

  • courier quotes- 2011/06/09 18:15:12 pm

    Nice blog. And it surely help to submit a correct article in a correct format.

  • commercial+air+conditioning+sunshine+coast- 2011/05/23 11:34:42 am

    This is a great post!

  • lolly- 2011/05/19 14:56:23 pm

    Thank you for sharing! Good help

  • ibogaine- 2011/05/03 15:02:35 pm

    well said

  • Roy- 2011/04/26 09:27:44 am

    Your blog is very nice~ I like it ~ I will come back soon.

  • shekhar- 2011/04/23 16:40:24 pm

    very nice

  • ana bell- 2011/04/14 13:05:55 pm

    That is amazing and nice blog!

  • Integraphix SEO Company- 2011/04/12 22:39:27 pm

    I had no idea people were so spammy - they should know better than to submit articles with such spam. People do sometimes read those articles and they made the writer look like they can't write proper english. Chicago SEO Company



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