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Manage Multiple Author Names Feature on EzineMark.com

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    Manage Multiple Author Names Feature on EzineMark.com

    Purpose and operation

    We understand that each author might want to use different author name and bio for different articles. With the aim of helping users publish articles easilier and more flexibly on EzineMark.com, we provide you a new feature - Manage Multiple Author Names. The feature allows users to create different author names/pen names under the same account, manage their author profile all in one place and select which one to be default profile. When the author clicks to publish the article, they will see a drop down list of all author names they have with default name being selected. By selecting the certain author name, the author bio will change accordingly.


    Usually, if you want to publish articles on different fields, separate the articles or publish them for some of your clients, you will have to open different accounts. Sometimes you will feel annoyed with constantly logging out and logging in to different accounts. With this feature, you can get rid of that feeling and comfortably manage your author profile all in one place and select which one to be default profile.


    Ways to set default author name
    Default author name can be set by two ways:

    1.    Choose button SET DEFAULT at Manage Multiple Author Names
    2.    Choose button SET DEFAULT AUTHOR PEN NAME when you add or edit the author name

    Steps to creating multiple authors on your account

    Well, it is of no difficulty. Just follow these steps:

    Step 1: Log in to your EzineMark account at http://ezinemark.com/login/
    Step 2: Click on Go to Profile on the top right corner or My Profile
    Step 3: Click on Manage Authors

    Manage Multiple Author Names


    Step 4: In Manage Multiple Author Names, you will see your current author name(s). Choose ADD AN AUTHOR NAME to create a new author name and its author bio. Here you can also set that author name as default author pen name by ticking at the box below. Then just click on SUBMIT.



    Now you have a list of your pen names under Manage Authors. If you want to change any information, just click EDIT right beside the author name. Then UPDATE.


    Use of this feature when publishing articles

    After logging in to EzineMark account, click PUBLISH ARTICLE. Here you can choose the author name for the article. The author bio will also change after you choose author name.

    The interesting thing in choosing author name to publish your article is that you can also change author name if you do not want the article shown under the names created in your account. Just click on CHANGE AUTHOR NAME and write the name as well as the author bio for that name. Remember that this name will not be added in the lists of pen names under Manage Authors.



    We hope that you will feel comfortable and delighted with this feature when publishing article on our site. Enjoy it!


    EzineMark.com Team


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    Manage Multiple Author Names Feature on EzineMark.com

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Manage Multiple Author Names Feature on EzineMark.com

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  • Magento Themes- 2011/04/20 02:09:24 am

    A great post as to how one can go in for and manage multiple author names using Ezine Mark.... Well done great posting....

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    Great new offer!

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    Thanks for sharing this new service. I think now mostly bloggers will contact Ezinemark.

  • burberry- 2011/03/07 09:15:27 am

    Nice!! Great Info. Great People. Great Blog.

  • comedogenic- 2011/03/07 01:14:09 am

    Thanks for your informative feature that I will use this tool on my favorite site.

  • Mayank Chadha- 2011/03/05 18:28:00 pm

    It's really awesome!

  • ana bell- 2011/02/05 13:28:10 pm

    What is the use of multiple author name in any article?

  • nit Green- 2011/01/12 13:41:03 pm

    Hello, I have use this website to submitting my articles. Wonderful Article website, Its great feature of changing the Author name as we want.

  • sharetipsinfo- 2011/01/07 13:02:28 pm

    Hey, Nice and useful blog.

  • John+Devis+- 2010/12/29 07:19:21 am

    It is nice features, i am gona implement it in my website. - John Devis



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