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How to Write a Featured Article

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    How to Write a Featured Article

    While reading on EzineMark.com you may find a column named Featured Articles which contributes truly high quality articles and even amazing stories. You must be wondering which criteria our editorial team based on to select these articles and how you can revise your article so that it can be chosen for this section. Thus, here are the most basic questions that our expert authors would like to share with you. Check the following items to know whether or not you have got them in your articles.

    Who writes? Who reads?

    Before starting your writing, you need to figure out your own targeted readers. Questions such as “Who will read this article?”, “Who are related to this issue?”, “Who can earn benefits after reading it?”, etc. should be brought forward whenever you have a new topic. By choosing the right category, you are saving the time of delivering your article to your right readers. 

    In addition, communicative author bio is a vital factor which affects on the expert of the author and the article. Just begin to promote yourself by providing your full name, your real avatar and anything else, which surely gives much credit. Readers will quickly forget authors who introduce themselves with a few words like “Content writer” or “Writing is my hobby”. 

    What is the topic here?

    What you are writing about is the first thing readers want to know while surfing the site. An attractive title not only helps your article come closer to your target audience but it highlights you among thousands of other authors as well.

    Readers apparently hunger for information but if you wish to write a professional article, information is not the only thing you need to have. Use Health & Fitness for example. Writing about alcoholics often grabs less attention from readers since it is not a trending topic. In order to engage the readers, the title “My Parents Were Addicts: Will I Be Too?” may be one of your best choices to make your story both informative and intriguing. 

    Besides, you should review the title carefully and be aware of casual mistakes such as “How 2 Get Your Ex Back”. Mistakes will reflect on the quality of your feature and readers will think that this article hardly involves an in-depth look at the topic. 

    To what purpose?

    Because an article should be written from a journalistic aspect, you should put both information and promotion in the balance. Main purposes of articles are to inform, entertain and persuade readers but you may do all three to some degree. Your article is not likely to be chosen for the feature section if it is written to advertise for the product only. 

    These two articles both contain high quality information about Goa travelling but the author of “Goa Hotels: Under Your Budget” knows how to approach and state the issue better than the author of “Goa Tour Packages with Well Packed Delights”. 

    How does it look? 

    A good article possesses nice format and English usage. Format of a featured article does not have to be professional but it should be well-organised in separated paragraphs. Ideally, the article body should be attached no link and contain the whole main parts: Introduction - Body - Conclusion. However, there are many different templates available for your article. Depending on what purposes of the article you are writing for, you may provide a story to interest the audience or exploit the topic from a unique angle. Let’s see how this author designed his article professionally and sparkled his language. He picked a writing style to follow and proof-read his completed article for spelling and grammatical errors.

    When will it be submitted?

    Choosing an appropriate time for submission is very important because each topic has its own phase of attention. Though they are serial or single articles, expert authors often consider the number of articles for each submission and it is seldom over three. The feature section is planned to make sure that we can cover various talented authors; you therefore need to decide on which moment you will submit which article. Mass submission is never a wise choice.

    Generally, we all like to have high-quality articles on hand and do our best efforts to have great ones. Using the editorial guidelines is always our first suggestion for both professional and amateur writers. Once your feature's been accepted, do not leave your article at that. Keep contact with your readers and they will show what you should write in the next time. With luck, your feature could be the most popular topic of discussion on EzineMark. 

    EzineMark.com Team 

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    How to Write a Featured Article

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How to Write a Featured Article

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    A good article possesses nice format and English usage. Format of a featured article does not have to be professional but it should be well-organised in separated paragraphs.

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