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How To Make A Professional Profile On Ezinemark.com

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    How To Make A Professional Profile On Ezinemark.com

    It seems to be unnoticeable but editing your profile or even just having a little bit of change can greatly increase your viewership. A detailed profile represents who you are, what you do, and how people contact you. It helps draw more attention from the viewers with some easy steps of images, writing and information. It is advisable to log in, move to Edit Profile & About Me item and follow these tips for a fabulously attractive online profile through EzineMark.




    Tip 1: True information is highly appreciated

    First Name & Last Name: Name is the first thing any author needs to concern when creating an account. With Manage Authors, EzineMark users can own multiple pen names along with different author bios. However, it is best to provide your real name because no one wants to contact or share any information with an anonymous author.

    About Me: Explaining why you are an expert on the topic you are writing about will give you more credibility. Also, it will increase the chances your readers click through to your articles.

    Website: Not only other authors but also readers consider a link to your website as a reliable source used to gauge your characteristics and articles. Therefore, never forget to fulfill website box while editing your profile.

    Tip 2: Similarities make author and readers closer

    Readers have a tendancy to find any proximity around them, which means any information close to them will be noticed first. If you and your readers share not only the same subject but also gender or same location, your articles are likely be read before ones of other authors.

    Tip 3: Unique style of “About Me” will draw more attention from readers

    If you are wondering how to sunshine with a few words at “About Me” box, here is the most important rule: You don’t need to tell all the truth about who you are but tell it in your unique style. You can excite your readers by your own humorous story and they will keep reading. Playful choice of words shows how far you are professional and creative, which is exactly your expectation when building up your reputation.

    Tip 4: Best profile photo showing your characteristics is preferable

    In addition to an attractive biography, you may need an appropriate avatar. You cannot point out a unique sand grain on the beach and so do your readers. Why not throw some personality into your photo to highlight you in a sea of people? A symbolic avatar may be impressive but it tells nothing to your readers about your characteristics as well as which field you are working in. Read our posted blog to know why we need to use a real avatar and how it aids you to promote your articles.

    There are more several ways to enhance your profile picture we would like to recommend. Thus, please keep in touch with us to get more tips with your profile picture.


    After filling in the form click SUBMIT to finish you task


    What benefits does a professional profile bring?

    You have got some tips to make your profile better and you will know what you can earn from these above tips then.

    •    Increase high credibility:  What you said and how you appear on your profile show a lot about you. You can not be called an expert if you have an inappropriate avatar and give general or doubtful personal information.

    •    Increase viewership:  When you take your readers’ belief, the rates of your viewership will increase considerably.

    •    Expand social network: Have you ever thought that you can create your own fan club with your profile? You take special care of your articles and you have already had many recent visitors. That is good news but is not enough to keep your readers staying longer if you do not have a professional profile.

    •    Exchange knowledge: We always encourage authors to contact one another since ideas for new subjects often come after each discussion. Be ready to welcome your new friends and new talks with your attractive profile. Refreshing yourself means refreshing your knowledge!

    Have you got any ideas to make your author profile more professional and attract readers at the first sight? Please don't hesitate to share with us by leaving your comments below. EzineMark Team are pleased to received your valuable feedbacks.

    EzineMark.com Team

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    How To Make A Professional Profile On Ezinemark.com

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How To Make A Professional Profile On Ezinemark.com

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  • JayThomson- 2012/06/23 15:26:06 pm

    Hi, This post is best for giving the information of how to make a good profile.

  • Nicole- 2012/02/04 19:47:53 pm

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  • josh- 2011/12/02 20:27:26 pm

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