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Frequency Asked Questions

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    Frequency Asked Questions

    I. General


    1. What is EzineMark?

    EzineMark is a professional article directory which allows everyone to contribute what they know to millions of readers around the globe. In short, EzineMark.com brings you greater chances:

    •    To attain knowledge easily and efficiently
    •    To build friendship networks globally
    •    To submit your own article and get maximum exposure for them from millions of our visitors.


    2.  How much does it cost to sign up to EzineMark?

    Sign-up on our site is absolutely free and very quick. It takes you a few minutes to become our member.

    3.  How does it cost to submit articles to EzineMark?

    We do not charge for article submission. Just create your own account and you are eligible to post your writing.


    4. What are some of the other benefits of joining EzineMark?

    s a publisher on EzineMark your content will receive a wide range of publications. You can use this to strengthen your online identity and branding. By filling in your online profile, people can learn more about you and the services you provide, thus earning free publicity for you and/or your business.


    5. Is EzineMark only available in English?

    Yes. Articles on EzineMark.com are only in English.


    6. How to advertise on EzineMark.com?

    If you are interested in advertising on EzineMark.com, please contact us at partnership@ezinemark.com

    7. I am interested in exchange links with your site. What should I do?

    If you have link exchange program, do not hesitate to directly contact us via email partnership@ezinemark.com

    8. May I republish articles I found on EzineMark to my website?

    You are allowed to add articles on our site to your website under our TERMS & CONDITIONS. You MUST keep full author credit, keep all links on the article active and have a link to Ezinemark.com. You MUST NOT edit or change the article.

    II. Article Submission FAQs (for people submitting articles)

    1. Will I receive payment for my submitted articles?

    No, at EzineMark.com we provide a free resource for both publishers and readers.


    2. How long does it take to have my article reviewed?

    Your article submission will be reviewed within 48 hours by our in-house editor teams. You will get a notification email when your submission is approved or rejected.


    3. How to change my profile?

    First, login our site with the email and password which you have created. Then choose GO TO PROFILE and then choose EDIT PROFILE. Then you can change fields of NAME, GENDER, FIRST NAME, LAST NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, ZIP CODE, and COUNTRY.

    4. How to change my avatar?

    First, login our site with the email and password which you have created. Then choose GO TO PROFILE and then choose “CHANGE AVATAR” Then, you can choose your new avatar from our library or your computer.


    5. How to change my password?

    First, login our site with the email and password which you have created. Then choose GO TO PROFILE and then choose “CHANGE PASSWORD”.


    6. Can I delete an article?

    At EzineMark, you can delete, modify or make changes to your articles if you want. But please keep in mind that we do not accept those articles which have been removed by you but then submitted in an edited version in the future.


    7. Can I upload my article instead of typing it in?

    We expect you copy your article from a word processor such as Microsoft Word and then paste it into our online HTML editor.  Using this method, articles can be rapidly added to our database.

    If you have trouble pasting an article into our online HTML editor, please let us know.  We are constantly trying to improve the methods our authors can use to submit articles.


    8. How to rate articles on EzineMark?

    We encourage users to rate articles on our site. You may rate article based on our editorial guidelines and other indications like grammar mistakes, information usefulness, accuracy, writing tone, structure, word choosing. You should try to rate objectively.

    9. Can my article be submitted to more than one category?

    No, it cannot. Please submit each article only once. Multiple submissions of the same article will result in its removal.

    10. How can I remove or delete an article that I've submitted?

    If you’d like to delete an article from EzineMark, log in our site by your account, then click GO TO PROFILE and then MY ARTICLE. You can click the "Remove" button by the article you’d like to delete. You will need to confirm that you would like to indeed delete the article. Once you have deleted the article, it cannot be retrieved.

    11. Can I delete my account?

    No. You cannot delete your account by we will do it for you. However, we never want to delete any account on our site as we hope to receive long-term cooperation from users. So please think carefully before giving out any decision.

    12. Why was my article rejected?

    If your article violates our Editorial Guidelines, it will be rejected. In case you feel that you thoroughly follow our TERMS & CONDITIONS, please contact us via email contact@ezinemark.com">. Then we will review your article and get back to you promptly.

    13. Can I write an article that contains a link to my web business?

    Your article must serve a useful purpose other than promoting your own web business or no one will want to read it, and it will likely be removed from SearchWarp.com!  Your articles must contain useful information that is not company-specific, and must not focus only on your business(es).  The most appropriate way to promote your business in an article is in an author's bio at the end of your article.


    14. Do you accept all articles submitted to EzineMark.com?

    No we do not. Though we don't require articles to be eloquently written, we do require that they serve a purpose other than advertising or promoting a particular product or service, and they will benefit the reader. We do not accept articles which are written about SPAM related topics.


    15. Does EzineMark.com allow automated or bulk submission of articles?

    No we do not.  Submitting articles in bulk is a violation of our article submission guidelines.

    16. How do I become a 'Top Author'

    Featured Authors are hand-picked by EzineMark editors based on several factors including writing style, article popularity, the number of people in their fan clubs, etc.

    17. Is there a limit to the number of articles I can submit at once?

    There is no limit to the number of articles you can submit at once, though we ask that you please take the time to format each one properly. Your articles may not all be approved at once.


    18. What kind of articles does EzineMark accept?

    EzineMark.com accepts a broad range of articles on many different subject areas. We favor articles written for passion and not articles written for profit. This means that if it appears to us that your articles are written about something you feel passionately about, it will be promoted more prominently. If it appears that your articles are written because you are trying to make a profit, they will be promoted less prominently.

    Advertisements and articles written about high-spam topics are typically rejected or reposted to one of our sister websites which has lower quality standards. We do not allow articles that are not appropriate for all age groups, promote hatred, or contain profanity.


    19. Why has my article been reformatted?

    Articles that are submitted but are difficult for people to read due to formatting issues, or articles that do not comply with the EzineMark Terms and Conditions, may be reformatted by an editor. If this is unacceptable, please notify us so that your articles can be removed.


    III. Article FAQs (for people reading article)


    1. How can I contact the author of an article?

    Currently, we are not providing any authors email address beyond what they may include in an article (please find it from their website link if their email address is not provided in the article.)


    2. Does EzineMark endorse the articles on EzineMark.com?

    No we do not. We may allow many different articles with many different themes in line with our mission statement, but we do not endorse any articles which appear on EzineMark.com.

    Advice and information found on EzineMark.com is of general nature and can not be applied universally. For this reason, we strongly advise anyone seeking advice or information to find a professional who can assist with their specific situations.


    3. Does EzineMark publish all articles that are submitted for publication?

    No we do not. All articles go through a review process before being promoted publicly. The most common reason for an article to be rejected is when an article appears to have a "primary focus on advertising or promoting a specific business, web site, person, or other entity" which makes the article an advertisement.

    We also routinely reject articles which contain many grammatical or spelling errors, defamatory information or just simply do not fit within our mission or purpose. Articles when endorsed as copyright violation are also rejected as well.


    4. I see a very interesting article on your site. How can I share my point of view? Do I have to be a member of EzineMark to do it?

    You can comment on any article you like on our site without having to be a member on our site. At the end of each article, we have a box for users and readers to share their opinions on that topic. You can totally comment on any article as long as you type your name and your email address in that box


    5. I have found an article that appears to be mine and was used without permission. What do I do about this?

    EzineMark takes copyright very seriously. So if you find any case of copyright infringement, please do not hesitate to contact us by sending mail to contact@ezinemark.com or make a report at the end of the article you found. We will carry out the investigation to solve the problem as soon as possible.


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