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First Steps on Being an Expert Article Writer

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    First Steps on Being an Expert Article Writer

    Expert author is an honorable award on Ezinemark.com. There are many different ways to approach this status. We have already introduced you the very first way by creating a professional profile. At this time, we would like to show you another one to become an expert article writer. To begin with, take a glance at what you should and should not do in writing. 

    You SHOULD ask yourself these questions before submitting an article:

    - Has anyone written about my topic? Use the built-in Check Title feature to have an overview of what you are writing about.

    - Is my article rich in information?

    - Are there a lot of grammatical matters? If yes, revise them by yourself or ask someone for help.

    - Have I fulfilled correctly all required sections (title, tags, summary, author bio, capcha…)? 

    - Are my ideas stated into separated paragraphs or they are all in one long text?

    - Do I choose my links wisely? You are allowed to insert links into the article body but if they appear at high frequency, the readers will feel you are spamming.

    - Does it cover nice format with the same font? Images have great influence on readers' visual memory. Therefore, try to organize your article well with suitable text font and high quality images.

    You SHOULD NOT write an article which contains:

    - Untrue, poor or duplicated information: Readers are also observers who identify the accuracy of what you state. They are never interested in what they have already known as well as what is not useful for them. 

    - Insufficient length: According to our statistics, a high quality article cannot be under 300 word count and experienced authors seldom convey their message with less than this count. Similarly, a long piece of writing just shows your ignorance of targeted readers. An ideal size is 300 – 750 words. 

    - Profanity, slang or jargon: Remember that your word choice shows who you are – a non-writer, an amateur or an expert. Avoiding using too informal language is always the best rule for writing articles. As you are aiming to a majority of readers, try to explain your ideas in short and simple words instead of terminology.

    - Copyright infringements: Once again, we insist that plagiarism will never bring credit to any author. Unless you want to say goodbye to your readers soon, never violate the copyright. 

    - Links to suspected websites or spam: Readers and other authors totally get angry when closing useless websites or emails in your article from time to time. In addition, we will never post these articles on Ezinemark. Thus, do not waste your time doing such pointless actions.

    - Sensitive topics: pornography, gaming, weapon, casino, alcoholic, tobacco, drugs … These kinds of topic will be hardly posted since they may cause unexpected bad reactions from readers and, of course, you will loose your credit.

    Applying these above hints will provide you great advantages in the race with other writers. If you really want to become a professional article writer, do not miss our next blog entries for more strategies of expert writing. 


    EzineMark.com Team


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    First Steps on Being an Expert Article Writer

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First Steps on Being an Expert Article Writer

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What is Age-Related Macular Degeneration? Age-Related Macular Degeneration (ARMD) is a progressive, sight-limiting condition in which the delicate nerves in the back of the inside of eye begin to deteriorate. This leads to reduced central vision, but spares all of a person’s peripheral or side vision. Because your parent still has good peripheral vision, you may notice that they can sometimes see small things, like a coin dropped on the floor, but they cannot see a person’s face when looking directly at them. Often, people with ARMD will turn their heads or look to the side when gazing at someone, to make the most of their side vision capabilities There are two main types of ARMD: Dry and Wet. Dry Macular Degeneration Also known as non-exudative macular degeneration, Dry ARMD is characterized by development of drusen, an abnormal accumulation of macular waste products that are naturally produced by the eye’s specialized nerve cells. Drusen, which can be seen by an eye doctor during a dilated eye examination, is normally removed by special types of cells located just below the retina, known as retinal pigment epithelium. But if these cells fail to keep the macula clean, waste products will begin to collect and accumulate. One theory about how drusen impacts vision is that it may form a barrier against the blood supply to the macula, leading to degeneration of rod and cone cells, causing progressive visual loss. Although drusen is present in Dry Macular Degeneration, the macula is not leaking fluid, proteins, cellular debris or blood, hence the term "dry." Wet Macular Degeneration Wet ARMD is a progression of the dry type of the disease. It has many of the characteristics of Dry ARMD, but it also includes the development of new abnormal blood vessels below the macula, as well as the accumulation of fluid and cellular debris called exudates. These new blood vessels are very fragile and can rupture spontaneously, leading to bleeding below the macula, or even inside or on the retina and macula itself. This rupture of blood vessels can cause profound visual loss. The treatment of wet macular degeneration aims to stop the leaky blood vessels in the eye through a series of eye injections. In many cases, vision does not improve from the injections, but the injections can prevent vision from worsening. Treatments for ARMD Although macular degeneration causes severe central vision loss and there is no complete cure, many people are able to continue to do the things they love to do without surgery or medication, with the help of a highly skilled low-vision physician who can prescribe specialized vision aids. There are three common optical aids that can greatly improve vision for ARMD sufferers: Telescopic eyeglasses Microscopic magnifying glasses Electronic devices In general, if someone can read with a magnifying glass, they can also read with prescribed magnifying prism eyeglasses or prescription microscopic eyeglasses. During a low-vision evaluation, the patient is taught how to hold reading material or projects at the proper distance for each of the different prescribed lenses. Telescopic eyeglasses can be loosely thought of as miniaturized prescription-based binoculars placed into eyeglass frames. They can be monocular, meaning for just one eye, or binocular, for both eyes. The miniature binoculars are placed in different positions according to the patient’s needs. Microscopic magnifying eyeglasses combine a patient’s regular eyeglass prescription for common conditions, like astigmatism and myopia, with the magnification needed to see things up close and engage in activities like reading, writing, knitting, sewing and even tying fishing flies. Microscopic eyeglasses look somewhat different from regular glasses, and may include several lenses on each side to provide the adequate correction for patients with severe vision loss. Electronic devices can enlarge the size of reading material, but because these devices can be expensive and are not always portable, specialized eyeglasses are typically the primary course of treatment. An experienced, knowledgeable low-vision specialist will prescribe the right solution for each patient’s individual needs, so they can confidently handle their daily activities in a variety of different settings. Audio-Visual Aids There are many products that help those with vision problems handle everyday tasks and activities, by using other senses to assist, and by making things easier to see. Audio options include talking clocks, calculators, watches, navigation tools and books. Telephones are available with large dials or buttons, and computers offer large print, large screens and special keyboards for the visually-impaired. Because the market for visual aids is only growing as the population ages, there are always new, ingenious devices coming to market to help the vision-impaired lead better lives, so if there’s not a solution for a particular challenge yet, there just might be soon! Orientation & Mobility Training To make getting around as worry-free as possible for those with ARMD, special techniques to stay oriented and mobile, known as Orientation and Mobility Training, have been developed by vision rehabilitation specialists. Techniques that work include listening more carefully while moving around (people are able to gauge more than you might think about their surroundings using their other senses!) and using a white cane. Another good option, when it’s available, is for the patient to use a sighted guide who holds their arm just above the elbow while walking a half step in front of them. The guide can tell the patient in advance about anything that could cause falls, like cracks or holes in the sidewalk, steps or ledges, to keep the patient from tripping or losing their balance. Educating yourself about the disease and treatment options is the first and most important step to supporting your loved one as they learn to live with the disease. Armed with the facts,Macular Degeneration you can better help them cope with the emotional aspects and help them adapt their lives to their changing vision. Next in Part 2: The emotional aspects of a diagnosis of Macular Degeneration-- What to expect and how to handle the feelings you and your family member may experience. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dr. Jared L. Cooper is a Low Vision specialist who treats patients with Macular Degeneration throughout Utah, Southern Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. For more information on how specialized eyeglasses with advanced optics can greatly improve the vision of Macular Degeneration and Low Vision sufferers, please visit www.drjaredcooper.com, call 1-800-451-2015 or email drjaredlcooper@gmail.com Dr. Jared Cooper Cooper Eye Care 1-800-451-2015

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