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EzineMark Policies

  • About 2013/08/05 03:53:21 am | 754709 views |

    Terms and Conditions

    By accessing EzineMark.com, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth below. If you do not wish to be bound by these terms and conditions, you should leave the EzineMark Website and discontinue use of the EzineMark Services immediately. Any further access from you to our website will be considered as an acceptance of the terms and conditions stated below.

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  • About 2011/05/27 13:25:02 pm | 32163 views | 45

    Keep Spammers out of EzineMark

    Spam is always one of the big headaches to every article directory and article readers. Spamming appears in different forms at different sections such as shout box, comment, article. We consider spamming as the most serious reason for article rejections and, of course, no one wants to waste time on reading useless information. In this blog entry, we will investigate some manners of spammers and how you can work with our site to deal with them. 


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  • About 2011/01/17 19:40:01 pm | 11422 views |

    EzineMark Guidelines for Publisher

    EzineMark, a professional article directory, aims at serving as a trusted source of content for all visitors, readers, and members of our site. As a publisher, you have the right to re-print or publish the article(s) posted on EzineMark.com. Nevertheless, you must adhere to the terms and conditions below:

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  • About 2010/12/07 11:50:02 am | 11737 views |

    Frequency Asked Questions

    1. What is EzineMark?
    EzineMark is a professional article directory which allows everyone to contribute what they know to millions of readers around the globe. In short, Ezinemark.com brings you greater chances:

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  • About 2010/12/07 11:45:01 am | 148512 views |


    EzineMark is a professional article directory which allows everyone to contribute their knowledge, viewpoints, reviews or criticism, and other valuable information to millions of readers worldwide. In addition, contributors can share their passion with others.

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  • About 2010/12/03 11:00:01 am | 101034 views |

    Privacy Policy

    EzineMark respects your privacy and realizes the great significance to protect your privacy. This Privacy Policy is designed to help you better understand the use and safeguarding of your articles you contribute to our site. This Privacy Policy also explains the way EzineMark collects, uses, and discloses personal information provided by you.

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