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Check Title Feature on EzineMark.com

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    Check Title Feature on EzineMark.com

    As a professional article directory, EzineMark Team receives a high volume of article submissions and requests expecting us to introduce new features. We sincerely appreciate when a lot of readers involve in author community on EzineMark.com. Among a wide range of emails, many authors discuss topics about the article ownership which we always take very seriously. Understanding that concern, EzineMark Team has built an effective feature: Check Title which surely brings EzineMark authors different benefits. 


    1.    What is Check Title?

    Check Title feature is applied when you submit an article. At the first time, you may find it works as a quick search box that facilitates authors in managing their titles on EzineMark.com. It also finds articles related to your topic. Besides, it offers many advantages to authors with CLAIM THIS ARTICLE button. This is regarded as another way to spot the possibility of article infringement. To know more about this new feature, please take a closer look at the following parts.

    2.    When do we need to use Check Title?

    First of all, please log into EzineMark.com so that you can access to our available features.

    Step 1: Log in to your EzineMark account at http://ezinemark.com/login/
    Step 2: Click on Go to Profile on the top right corner or My Profile
    Step 3: Click on Add New Article

    You are surely curious about how it works, aren’t you? Let’s discover!

    -     After completing the title box, click Check Title.

    For example, type “Ways To Help Orphans” at the title box


    -    Five results including article titles and author names will be listed. These are activated articles on EzineMark.com which have the same title as yours or share the common keywords with the title you have just chosen.


    Articles that contains similar key words with your title are priorly shown


    -    Click the result you concern then the article will be opened in another tab.

    Are you wondering what you will do with those results and CLAIM THIS ARTICLE button? Now you will have the clear answer as follows:

    Case 1: The article with the same title is not posted by you. Maybe an author has chosen this topic and written about it already. It is best for you to opt for another title to avoid duplication.

    Case 2:
    The article with the same title has been posted by yourself. It means that EzineMark Editorial Team have approved your article on our page. In that case, please try with another subject because we will not accept the articles featuring the same title and content.

    Case 3:
    The article with the same title belongs to your ownership but it is posted by another. Please click “Claim this article” and fill in the form to report an issue of copyright violation. It is suggested that authors should provide hard evidences in additional information zone. EzineMark Quality Control Team will carry out an investigation based on those proofs. The outcome of our investigation will be sent to your email.


    Fulfill the form in detail

    What benefits does Check Title bring to EzineMark authors?

    Avoid duplicated titles:
    It can be seen that a good title will help authors grasp readers’ attention at the first look. If the title is too common, your article can be ignored. Moreover, duplicated titles cannot promote your article well even when it contains an outstanding content. A unique title, therefore, makes readers get engaged in your posts and enjoy with great enthusiasm. Thanks to Check Title, you may cover articles in your niche.

    Open new subjects: You are submitting articles on EzineMark.com, but find out that an author has already covered this topic before. It’s time to change your mind and start a new subject. From that, Check Title is remarked to inspire authors with new topics in writing.

    Save time:
    Check Title feature really saves your time on managing your articles in case someone has posted any articles which belong to your ownership. Instead of following submission steps, you only need to use CLAIM THIS ARTICLE button. 

    Detecting copyright related issues: Last but not least, Check Title is seen as an effective feature in finding out the problems on copyright violation. As a quick search tool, authors can easily detect copyright related issue and report it to EzineMark Quality Control Team.

    What do you think of Check Title feature on EzineMark.com? We are pleased to receive your valuable feedbacks.

    EzineMark.com Team

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Check Title Feature on EzineMark.com

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    well,you should keep it a little longer in 10 words so that your readers might find it easier to remember what your article is about.

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    safe meds I wonder where did you get the check tittle button

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