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Benefits of Being an Expert Author

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    Benefits of Being an Expert Author

    One day, while surfing on Ezinemark.com you realize that Mr. X has written most of the high quality articles and he is honoured at Author Spotlight section. You wish to have that status so much and you applied some very basic steps to be an expert author. Then, what will you earn from that application? Are there any benefits of being an expert article writer on the other hand? The answer is yes. Here are some benefits our talented authors earn after getting the expert status:

    1. Time review: EzineMark has a firm system of article assessments. Your articles with high quality and original content will be reviewed earlier than the others’.

    2. Author Spotlight: Our most talented authors are nominated in this section. They appear in front of millions of readers everyday and, without any doubt, their reputation will spread every nook and cranny. 

    3. Featured Articles: Featured articles are updated regularly so that readers can be more accessible to high quality information. Consequently, expert author is always our main source and our first priority in selecting featured articles.

    4. Connect & Expand Community: A link to your profile will appear on the slide of Connect & Expand Your Community in each author profile. This feature plays as a contact substance among authors.

    5. Credibility: Expert status gives you credibility and you will not find approaching your target readers time-consuming or difficult.

    6. Message transfer: With the popular appearance you will never mind how long and how far your messages will come to your users.

    7. Page viewership: More often than not, readers want to gather all the information from the website of the author and the articles. They will even contact you directly with dozens of greetings and invitations. (photo: author with high page viewership, posted articles and recent viewers)

    8. Search result: Having a grasp of which keywords work and placing the keywords properly, an expert writer is on the way to get a list of articles in the search results.



    9. Web business: If you have a web business, readers get a preview of what you are going to offer. For this reason, your expert author status will also increase the traffic to your website. 

    10. Due to a combination of the above factors, your online network will soon grow up dramatically. You may never think that you have made a definite impact on your readers and have your own high social status through your articles.

    Every author knows the tremendous influence of articles. The more experience you gain as an article writer, the more "expert" you becomes. If you are now one of our expert authors and find more benefits from this status, share it with us and other writers by leaving comments below.

    Ezinemark.com Team


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    Benefits of Being an Expert Author

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Benefits of Being an Expert Author

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  • Dipika Pushkar- 2012/06/12 19:33:45 pm

    Thanks for the post, It's an informative to those who are deserving to be an author like me... I was so happy and delighted... keep it up! Informative article posted by you about how to be an expert author.Thank you for sharing.

  • Dipika Pushkar- 2012/06/12 19:32:58 pm

    its very hard to set yourself a status imp writer, but thanks to support that am able to write more..

  • - 2012/05/14 14:12:55 pm

    thank you for sharing.

  • flights+to+delhi- 2012/04/12 13:12:50 pm

    Great information..

  • paydaylenderinc123- 2012/02/03 12:49:41 pm

    Expert Author mention every point or topic related to quotes

  • raspms- 2012/01/23 13:44:08 pm

    That's right, being an author makes you look like an expert in the topic that you are writing about. People will look to you for answers and even quote you for related topics.

  • Search+Engine+Optimization+Company+Delhi- 2012/01/13 17:17:16 pm

    Thanks for all of your work on this web page. I am looking forward to reading more of your posts in the future.

  • SEO+Outsourcing+Services+India- 2011/11/25 19:49:00 pm

    Nice information i got all information which i want to get.

  • SEO Company Sydney- 2011/08/19 09:50:45 am

    I enjoyed the entire article,Thanks for the opportunity well.

  • dynasorin- 2011/06/02 13:41:47 pm

    I read your article. You shared many benefits of being expert author. I like your post. Its very useful and informative post. Well done.

  • James Cooper- 2011/05/24 13:19:36 pm

    Thanks for the post, It's an informative to those who are deserving to be an author like me... I was so happy and delighted... keep it up!

  • SEO Company India- 2011/05/06 18:52:42 pm

    Informative article posted by you about how to be an expert author.Thank you for sharing.



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