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Avatar Now Can Be Cropped

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    Avatar Now Can Be Cropped

    A profile picture (also called Avatar) shows a glimpse of personality, taste, and maybe interest or hobbies. In the previous blog article, we referred to editing your profile and gave you tips for choosing an appropriate avatar. Today we would like to show you several ways to perfect your avatar by Avatar Crop on EzineMark. It allows you to choose from which image area to create an avatar. If you have never cropped any image before, you will find it easy to follow. Most importantly, it takes less than a minute to get your picture edited. 

    Ways to edit your profile picture

    Way 1: For the first logging up, click Create Account on the top right corner of Home/ Create an Account. Click “Upload Avatar” under Full Name box.


    Create your own account first

    Then upload your avatar

    Way 2: If you have already got an account on EzineMark, open your profile and move to Change Avatar item or click Change Avatar under your profile picture. Click Upload button and the edit window will be opened.



    Way 3: In your article, click your avatar then you will move to your profile. Click Upload button and the edit window will be opened. (Photo)


    All of these above ways leads to another window where your current avatar is shown next to Avatar Gallery. Select your preferred image from your directory by clicking Browser if you want to change/ upload your avatar or skip it if you only want to reformat it. 


    There are two ways to resize the available photo. The 1st one is to input the ratio in width and height box manually. The other one is to point to the light area on your left image and drag till you get the pose you like.


    After all, click Crop button to finish your work. It sounds easy to crop your avatar, doesn’t it? However, you will be more interested in this utility if you read the following tips for a fantastic profile photo.


    Tips for effective Avatar Crop 

    •    Remove irrelevant details: You want the focus to be on your face so crop accordingly. If someone has an arm around you in the photo, remove it by taking a tight crop. It can completely change the dynamic of the image.

    Do not use this photo since it contains a lot of irrevelant details

    •    Avoid separating parts of body: You have a photo of your whole body but you want to zoom in your face or some part of your body. Hence this is the basic rule when cutting the photo: Do not cut at the joints of particular body parts. No one wants to be seen with a head on a neck. Take a little bit of your shoulder so that your photo does not look like a mannequin head.


    •    Use grids to emphasize strongest points: Grids are often used to spot emphatic angles of view. Draw straight 2 horizontal & 2 vertical lines to divide your photo into nine equivalent portions. You should put the angle you like best at the crossed points to magnify the effect of your photo.


    •    Avatar Crop utility can work only with .jpg, .gif or .png filetypes. Thus, you need to change the format of your photo before uploading on the website.

    •    Since we set the default image size at square, you need to enter only one size for width or height then it automatically change the rest dimension.

    •    This tool does not resize your image considerably, so do not be worry about your photo quality.

    •    Make sure you change your avatar regularly. Try to post recent photograph of yourself. Don't post a photo out of date.


    When you crop your avatar, everyone will know about it. You do not have to be a professional photographer or a graphic designer and do not have to download any avatar crop module in order to come up with a great profile picture. In a few mouse clicks, you have opened dozens of opportunities to make friends and to show up among thousands of people.


    What do you think of Avatar Crop on EzineMark.com? We are pleased to receive your valuable feedbacks by leaving comments below.

    EzineMark.com Team

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Avatar Now Can Be Cropped

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  • - 2012/02/10 01:48:26 am

    This is cool. I do love editing photos and also cropping them to produce a nice effect of the photo. With your tips on how to create a nice Avatar, I learned some and I will do some practice later. Melissa Blog: guitare classique 

  • Jester- 2012/02/01 20:04:17 pm

    I'm not really sure where the name of your representation of yourself for your profile is called an Avatar? Because Avatar is really an incarnation of a Hindu deity, especially Vishnu, in human or animal form. So I'm still confused why it was related to an Avatar? "Jester" for rideau pas cher 



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