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Article Statistics Feature on EzineMark.com

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    Article Statistics Feature on EzineMark.com

    EzineMark is a professional article directory which allows everyone to contribute what they know to millions of readers around the globe. With the aim of bringing informative and credible attainments to Internet users, EzineMark provides a range of smart tools and functions to maximize knowledge sharing and strengthen interaction between our users.

    With the hope of giving EzineMark users a closer analysis of their own published articles on EzineMark.com, we have just launched a new feature called: ARTICLE STATISTICS, which is a powerful tool and accessible to every EzineMark user. To get there:

    Step 1: Log into your EzineMark account at http://ezinemark.com/login/
    Step 2: Click on Go to Profile on the top right corner or My Profile
    Step 3: Click on Article Statistics

    Statistics Page

    Article Statistics brings EzineMark users a page that displays all of their published articles and detailed statistics for each. Here, the users can get statistical data related to their own published articles on EzineMark.com including the title, views, comments, Facebook/Twitter, Submitted and Analytics.

    VIEWS column helps EzineMark users know the number of views on their articles. So, EzineMark users can find their most-viewed articles.

    COMMENTS column shows how many comments have been posted for those articles.

    FACEBOOK/TWITTER column lets the authors follow the number of Tweets and number of Likes for each published article. From that, they somehow refer to whether their articles are interested by readers. If a person read that article and he/ she finds it interesting, useful or worth reading, he/ she will share it with other friends via Facebook/Twitter account, which is viewed as an effective way to spread online articles on the Internet.

    SUBMITTED column will record the time when the article is submitted on EzineMark.com.

    ANALYTICS column will not disappoint EzineMark users’ expectation. By clicking on the VIEW button, they will be offered a dynamic graph which aims at providing an overview of the article’s views in chronicle order.

    Note: The data used to plot this graph is being updated once per day. All traffic data before Nov 19, 2010 was not recorded.



    Now, it’s time to experience the ARTICLE STATISTICS system by your own. We hope that after having taken an in-depth look at the statistics, EzineMark users will watch the results, from which they can adjust their strategy. Besides, they may write new articles that reach more targeted audience and satisfy the demand of their readers.

    Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or contact us if you get any trouble about article statistics. We are willing to help you solve any problems as soon as possible.

    EzineMark.com Team

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Article Statistics Feature on EzineMark.com

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  • Khanna- 2016/08/12 03:28:43 am

    Good INFO AM SO HAPPY THANKS FOR SHARING. :D ( Also check New Recharge and blogging at https://www.pbtricks.com Blog )

  • Moncler- 2012/07/19 16:14:59 pm

    this site is very nice !

  • bilal@domain name registration- 2011/03/08 19:00:06 pm

    Statics shows a very high rate of articles at ezinemark.

  • fm 200- 2011/02/08 12:40:15 pm

    This site is really nice for the submitting the articles.It gives the cheap marketing stratagies to the business.

  • Sarah Skovachez- 2010/12/17 16:07:27 pm

    I love this feature so much



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