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Article Relevancy in Title - Content - Links

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    Article Relevancy in Title - Content - Links

    The relevancy in an article describes how pertinent, connected, or applicable ideas are to a given topic. A relevant article serves as a means to attract more readers and to reinforce author’s opinion. Therefore, it is considered as a sign of author’s writing skill and it also shows how far the author understands the audience. 

    The shortest way to identify a relevant article is to point out how many keywords used in the whole body and where they are located. In this blog entry, you will get some clues to create relevancy in your article and maximize your traffic results by inserting keywords in three fundamental sections: Title - Content - Links. 


    A right article is your first valuable chance to grasp the attention of potential readers. You’ll waste this opportunity if your title doesn’t make sense or it’s not what you’ll give in the article body. Read our previous entry to get a right article title.  


    Readers need to know why they should read your article, so try to make your title be unique by using keywords that match the subject best. A keyword-rich title is also a good start for developing ideas in the content. 


    Never promise anything in the title if you do not deliver it in the article content or in your website. Also, your article title will decide your writing strategies. If the title is a question, your article should answer the question. If the title is a list of tips, provide exact numbers.  


    If the article content delivered as promised in your title, the time readers stay on your article will increase dramatically and you’ll earn more credibility. 


    If you're stuck for relevant subject areas, the Check Title feature will be the best suggestion. it can help you generate more ideas and reveal topics you might not have considered.


    Keywords in the title and content should refer to one topic only. If your topic is about the drugs and alcohol addiction, you may have a long list of related keywords by finding synonyms or antonyms of separated words: drugs, alcohol and addiction.


    Two first paragraphs of this article are enriched with keywords


    An ideal format for an article often includes 3 main parts: introduction - body - conclusion and there are clear main ideas and supporting ideas in article body. Here how it looks:

    Introduction: (Topic sentence is stated in this paragraph)


    - Main idea 1 (containing keywords in the above topic - making the topic clearer)

    + Supporting idea 1 (modify main idea 1)

    + Supporting idea 2 (modify main idea 1)

    - Main idea 2 (containing keywords in the above topic - making the topic clearer - being relevant to the main idea 1)

    + Supporting idea 1 (modify main idea 2)

    + Supporting idea 2 (modify main idea 2)

    Conclusion: (Repeating the topic in the introduction)

    However, this format is not always applied for every kind of article. You can change your article format or your writing style but it must not depart from the article subject. The article body may have more than two main ideas and the conclusion part is optional. All supporting ideas modify for their main idea and all main ideas modify the topic sentence. 


    In our FAQs, it is stated that every article is allowed to contain only one link in the body and two links in the author bio section. Thus, any further inserted links will be removed to guarantee your article quality. 


    Each link must be related to the topic of that article and provide the audiences more information outside the article. Therefore, you should not copy the whole content from your website and submit it as an article. Readers do not want to read one article twice with double click to different sites. Make sure that your potential readers can gain more value from inserted links and they do not confuse the article topic and the site topic.


    Our editorial team will take your article into deep consideration if the links inserted are not about what you are referring in the article content or they are not directed to one site. It means if you are writing about the role of yoga, the link URLs must be about yoga as well. They must share one site but might be at different pages. Look at the following example to have a closer look at inserted links:

     [...] This group contains gifts that are suitable for occasions such as wedding, birthday, christening, wedding anniversary etc. If you need to buy unique wedding gifts(1) or christening gift(2), you should look for a gift item that goes well with the occasion or is made for such special occasions only. [...]

    http://www.a1gifts.co.uk/Wedding_Gifts.aspx (1)

    http://www.a1gifts.co.uk/christening-gifts.aspx (2)

    If the link is broken, choose a new one. In case it still does not work, contact us to resolve the issue. 

    Inserting valuable keywords in the title, content and links is not too difficult, isn’t it? Use these clues to enhance your article review process today. Then you’ll see positive changes in driving traffic to your site.

    EzineMark.com Team

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    Article Relevancy in Title - Content - Links

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Article Relevancy in Title - Content - Links

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