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    Terms and Conditions

    By accessing EzineMark.com, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth below. If you do not wish to be bound by these terms and conditions, you should leave the EzineMark Website and discontinue use of the EzineMark Services immediately. Any further access from you to our website will be considered as an acceptance of the terms and conditions stated below.

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    Using Google Authorship to build trust with your readers

    Do you want to display your Google+ profile picture next to the links of your EzineMark articles in search results? It can be done in 3 simple steps.


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    Ezinemark Editorial Guidelines

    You are going to submit articles to EzineMark.com, but don’t know how to get started. The following editorial guidelines will help you understand what we do and do not accept for inclusion in our article database as well as make your articles clear and attractive to readers. Before you submit your articles to our site, we highly appreciate that you please spend little time reading this page first.

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  • About 2012/09/06 00:39:57 am | 7341447 views | 179

    Unexpected technical problems prevent some users from logging in to EzineMark

    On Monday (September 3), EzineMark had some technical difficulties, making it impossible for some users to log in to their accounts and submit articles.

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    EzineMark Takes Action Against Spam

    Some of you may have noticed recently that your articles have been rejected more in the last few weeks. We also had to ban some users to cut off spam at the source. EzineMark has a zero-tolerance spam policy and fighting spam is a top priority as we continue to grow.

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  • About 2011/08/18 16:20:02 pm | 16065 views | 40

    Your Video is Rejected - Why?

    In the previous entry, you have already known the detailed procedure to submit your own video on EzineMark.com. You strictly follow our instructions but your video has not been approved on EzineMark yet? This entry will reveal reasons for its rejection. Like article, there are some crucial requirements for submitting video. 

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    How to Submit Video to EzineMark

    Submit Video on EzineMark You are looking for the fastest way to enrich the content of your articles and increase your page views? Thus, Submit Video might be your best choice. It works as a multimedia tool which aid users in exposing the traffic through a few simple steps. Let’s see how this tool works and what benefits it can bring to authors. How to submit a video on EzineMark?

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  • About 2011/06/08 11:30:01 am | 68959 views | 138

    First Steps on Being an Expert Article Writer

    Expert author is an honorable award on Ezinemark.com. There are many different ways to approach this status. We have already introduced you the very first way by creating a professional profile. At this time, we would like to show you another one to become an expert article writer. To begin with, take a glance at what you should and should not do in writing. 


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    Article Relevancy in Title - Content - Links

    The relevancy in an article describes how pertinent, connected, or applicable ideas are to a given topic. A relevant article serves as a means to attract more readers and to reinforce author’s opinion. Therefore, it is considered as a sign of author’s writing skill and it also shows how far the author understands the audience. 


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  • About 2011/05/27 13:25:02 pm | 32163 views | 45

    Keep Spammers out of EzineMark

    Spam is always one of the big headaches to every article directory and article readers. Spamming appears in different forms at different sections such as shout box, comment, article. We consider spamming as the most serious reason for article rejections and, of course, no one wants to waste time on reading useless information. In this blog entry, we will investigate some manners of spammers and how you can work with our site to deal with them. 


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